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Message from the President

Remarkable Sogang

Sogang is the Best of the Best.
Sogang, equipped with best professors, cutting-edge research and excellent education programs and services, has served as a signpost of Korean college education. By embracing the education value of the Society of Jesus, all members of the Sogang family have presented dedication, passion and excellence and set an exemplary model of a truly prestigious university. Sogang is the best of the best.

Sogang is the hall of humanitarianism(hong-ik-in-gan) where the intellect, humanism, and spirituality form a virtuous cycle.
Upholding the 500-year tradition of Jesuit universities around the world, Sogang strives for high quality education which brings about a reverence for God, true understanding of life and the pursuit of the truth. Sogang is the hall of humanitarianism(hong-ik-in-gan) where the intellect, humanism, and spirituality deeply take root and form a virtuous cycle, and the best talents are cultivated, pleasing to the eyes of God.

Sogang is different. We are proud of the Sogang family.
Sogang has been distinctive in that it has sought to foster the selected few. It has pursued qualitative, rather than quantitative growth. Sogang’s academic culture based on excellence and creativity has led to the unique forming of “Sogang Schools” in many fields, including humanities, social studies, economics and science. Sogang has been an important engine for the Korean economy, a leader in liberal arts education, and set an example for university-industry collaboration by producing state-of-the-art research. More than 60,000 members who form the Sogang family are special. They work in every corner of the society practicing the Sogang spirit as writers, film directors, venture entrepreneurs, journalists, financial experts, environmental specialists, and even President of Korea.

Sogang creates a new world map through creative convergence and experimental challenges.
Working across interdisciplinary fields of knowledge and information, Sogang is pursuing new dreams with its commitment to creative convergence and experimental challenges. We are determined to consistently overcome perceived boundaries within and across knowledge and find new possibilities. By ceaseless changes and innovation, Sogang is creating a new world map. We build on the excellent tradition of humanities and social studies to continue innovation in the era of convergence. Our creative convergence across different fields brings unprecedented changes to this era. On our international and high-tech campus, world-renowned scholars continue to work on their research. Sogang strives for cutting-edge research and education in wide-ranging fields, including art, technology, environment, energy and food, for the prosperity of the entire human race. Sogang is changing the world.

Sogang sows the seed of hope and opens the future with love and joy.
Sogang is committed to delivering best performance based on excellence while practicing love for others. Through painstaking efforts, all the while enjoying life to the fullest, members of Sogang nurture hopes and dreams for the future. The Loyola Library provides a rigorous study environment while the soon-to-be-completed SPOLEX and other cultural and sports facilities refresh everyone. The spirit and love of Sogang spreads and reaches everywhere, even to underdeveloped rural areas and remote areas of Cambodia. Sogang is love, joy, hope and future.

Sogang is the hall of opportunity where young people nurture their dreams.
Sogang is the hall of opportunity where young people nurture their dreams. Young members harvest the fruits of their efforts through the growth experienced during their time at Sogang climbing the meaningful, diverse, and well-organized ladder of opportunity. Selected as the No.1 university in the National Customer Satisfaction Index for numerous years, Sogang helps students expand their dreams, make a big leap and grow to their full potential during the course of four years. At Sogang, the hall of dreams, opportunities, and infinite possibilities, we find our true joy. Be as proud of Sogang as Sogang is proud of you.

Prof. Ki-Pung Yoo
President Sogang University


jongwook lee,ph.D.