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The Psychology Department at Sogang University is devoted to providing our students with a solid foundation in the scientific study of human behavior. The outstanding faculty represents the full range of the discipline with their expertise ranging from personality, developmental, social, cognitive, organizational, counseling, and clinical psychology. And the academic curriculum reflects a full spectrum of specialties and current topics of interest within the field of Psychology.

At the undergraduate level, we provide students with a solid grounding in the academic discipline by presenting theories and latest research on human behavior from multiple perspectives. Students learn to think critically about the basic principles and mechanisms regarding human behavior, and to apply this knowledge in other disciplines as well as in everyday situations. The undergraduate Psychology majors also have the opportunity to learn basic statistics and experimental design, which allows them to evaluate and communicate research findings in preparation for advanced study in Psychology at the graduate level.

  • Faculty
    Name Major Highest Earned Degree
    Ahn, Myeong Hui Counseling Psychology Columbia university
    Chang, Jae Yoon Organizational Psychology Seoul National University
    Jang Jae Hong Counseling Psychology Korea University
    Kim, Hyang Sook Clinical Psychology University of Michigan
    Kim, Geunyoung Developmental psychology Vanderbilt University
    Lee, Chang Hwan Cognitive Psychology The University of Texas at Austin
    Yon, Kyu Jin Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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