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Sogang Business School (SBS), with its all-inclusive undergraduate and graduate degree and non-degree programs, is widely-accepted as one of the best five business schools in Korea. The school’s Jesuit educational principle is the driving force that reinforces its top-quality business management education and cultivate students to become business and societal leaders with a holistic perspective of the world and its citizen.

The SBS undergraduate program takes the strategic core values of Globalization, Leadership, Excellence, and Ethics as the guidelines for the school’s implementation of its vision and mission. All courses offered by the school are required to incorporate the core values in the course contents.

Recognition and refutation of the school’s top-quality education are verified in many ways. First, the school’s freshman intake belongs to the top one percent of their high school academic performance in the country. Second, major surveys of the students’ quality and the school’s administrative services to the students rank SBS as the top in the country for the last several years. Third, the job-landing ratio of the graduates of the program has been the highest among top-tier schools in the country. Fourth, the school’s faculty force is regarded as one of the best in education and research in the country. Its full-time faculty members, all having earned their Ph.D. from top-class business schools in the United States and Europe, are regarded as the best asset for the school. These four strengths are not exhaustive. Late last year, the school earned the country’s business education accreditation awarded by Korean Association of Business Education Accreditation (KABEA) for the first time among about 200 business colleges in Korea.

The SBS undergraduate program is designed to help students to concentrate on management areas that draw their highest attention. The school provides six disciplinary areas that include Accounting, Finance/Insurance, HR Management, International Business, LSOM/MSc./MIS and Marketing. Students may choose courses in these areas from about 100 courses offered each semester. Of these, about one third is conducted in English.

  • Faculty
    Name Major Highest Earned Degree
    Ahn, Sung-pil Financial Management Purdue University
    Byun, Sang-hyuk Accounting University of Colorado at Boulder
    Chang Youngkyun Business Ethics University of Kansas
    Cho, Bong-soon Business Administration State University of New York
    Cho, Sung-bin Management Science George Washington University
    Choi, Jang-ho Business Administration (Personnel Management) University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Choi, Jung-ho Insurance, Risk Management University of Pennsylvania
    Choi, Soon-jae Business Administration New York University
    Choi, Woon-yeol Financial Management The University of Georgia
    Ha, Byung-cheon Distribution George Washington University
    Ha, Young-won Marketing University of Chicago
    Hong, Gwang-heon Financial Management University of Wisconsin
    Hwang, Guk-jae Accounting Syracuse University
    Jeon, Sung-bin Accounting University of California, Berkeley
    Jeon, Sung-ryul Marketing Syracuse University
    Jung, Jae-hak Marketing Cornell University
    Jung, Sun-wook International Business Cornell University
    Jung, Yoo-shin Economics Kyong Gi University
    Kang, Ho-sang International Management Columbia University
    Kang, Pyung-kyung Accounting Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Kim, Beom-soo Management Science George Washington University
    Kim, Chang-soo International Management Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Kim, Gil-sun Production Management Univ. of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
    Kim, Jin-hwa Management Information System University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Kim, Joo-young Marketing University of Michigan
    Kim, Min-kyun Production Management State University of New York at Buffalo
    Kim, Myung-seok Statistics Texas A&M University
    Kim, Soon-ki Accounting University of Houston
    Kim, Yang-min Personnel Organization Texas A&M University
    Kim, Yong-jin Management Information System State University of New York at Buffalo
    Lee, Chul International Management The University of Texas at Austin
    Lee, Gun-hee Statistics University of Missouri
    Lee, In-seok Personnel Organization Cornell University
    Lee, Jae-beom Management Information System New York University
    Lee, Jung-jin Financial Management Stanford University
    Lee, Jun-kyum Production and Operation Management Cornell University
    Lee, Kang-pyo International Management and Strategy Peking University
    Lee, Sang-geun Management Information Systems University of Nebraska
    Lee, Sang-ho Financial Management MSU (Michigan State University)
    Lee, Yoon-dong Management Science Iowa State University
    Lee, Young-joo Finance State University of New York at Buffalo
    Lim, Chae-woon Marketing University of Minnesota
    Min, Jae-hyung Management Science Indiana University
    Park, Jong-hoon Strategy The University of British Columbia
    Park, Kyung-do Measuring Marketing Carnegie Mellon University
    Park, Kyung-kyu Personnel Organization Management Universitat Mannheim
    Park, Sae-hoon Marketing Northwestern University
    Park, Young-seok Financial Management University of Pennsylvania
    Seo, Chang-jeok Production Management The University of Texas at Austin
    Seo, Jung-il Business Strategy University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Song, Min-seop Accounting Syracuse University
    Won, Jae-hwan Financial Management The University of Texas
    Yang, Dong-hoon Personnel Organization University of Minnesota
    Yang, Jun-sun Accounting Temple University
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