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  • Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) Program for International Students

    If students of international universities which have no exchange agreement with Sogang and students from partner universities that do not come through the exchange student program wish to take some courses, they can study at Sogang for one or two semesters. (1 year at most). And it would be permitted to the extent that this does not hinder Sogang students' study. Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students should have completed at least 2 semesters at their home university(must be four year university), and must meet the same qualifications as Sogang students.

    • Admission of a Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) student depends greatly on the submitted documents.
    • Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students should register during the registration term each semester.
    • Study Abroad (Direct-enrollment) students may take up to 15 credits for Spring/Fall Semester(to 6 credits for Summer/Winter Semester).
    • The tuition for visiting students will be separately decided by their major.

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