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Research Institutes

SIAT Cluster(Sogang Institute of Advanced Technology)

SIAT Cluster

Technology and Science

  • Research Institute for Basic Science  go homepage
  • Information and Communication Institute
  • Institute of Biological Interfaces  go homepage
  • Center for Quantum Spacetime  go homepage
  • Research Center of Integrated Biotechnology
  • Center for Nano Materials  go homepage
  • Multi-Phenomena CFD Engineering Research Center  go homepage
  • Sogang-Binggrae Food Advanced Analysis Center
  • Sogang-MtekVision Research Institute

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Institute for Philosophical Studies  go homepage
  • Institute for the Study of Religion  go homepage
  • Institute for Theology  go homepage
  • Institute for Life and Culture  go homepage
  • Humanities Research Institute  go homepage
  • Institute for Language and information  go homepage
  • Institute for the Study of Media Culture
  • The Institute for East Asian Studies  go homepage
  • The Instituete of Social Sciences  go homepage
  • Legal Science Institute  go homepage
  • Research Institute for Market Economy  go homepage
  • Institute for Business Research  go homepage
  • Institute of International and Area Studies  go homepage
  • Sogang Institute for Political Studies
  • Research Institute for Management of Technology
  • Sogang Global Korea Initiative

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